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comdivision solution for non Premier and Pinnacle CSP Partners

comdivison white label solution for non-Premier and Pinnacle Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Partners allows these partners to continue their CSP offerings seamlessly under their own brand and in their current datacenters, without the need for extensive investment in infrastructure migration or expertise to change the solution service provider. 

At comdivision, we take pride in our extensive experience and expertise in cloud service provisioning, evidenced by our successful completion of over 100+ implemented VMware Cloud Service Provider (CSP) designs in the last few years alone.

Our team of certified experts is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to assist you with any challenge, no matter where you are or when you need us. From immediate technical assistance to strategic advice, we ensure that your operations run smoothly, your issues are resolved swiftly, and your business continues to grow without interruption.

Once you fill out the form below, you will receive an email containing a link to a video recorded with our CEO Yves Sandfort on what makes up the comdivision white-label program, how it is structured and priced. After you watched the video the next steps can be kicked of when you fill-out the white-label form.
Watch video explaining the comdivision solution

Fill out the form below to request the link for the comdivision whitelabel solution introduction video. If you are interested to get a cost estimated go to the next task...

Fill out the provided whitelabel form

Together with the video link you will also receive the link to the white-label form. Try to be as accurate as possible, this information helps us plan for your participation and also to provide you a quote/pricing as near to the final contract situation as possible. 

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

as we exchange confidential information and might also start to review some of your site systems it is essential, that we protect each other. We can either sign your corporate NDA (if not already in place), keep in mind this might take a few days due to legal validation. Or we offer you to sign a comdivision Mutual NDA electronically, so we can get started almost immediately.

Letter of Intent

at this stage we still don't know the final terms & conditions from VMware by Broadcom / Aggregators and CCMs. To allow us to actively work with you and invest in our joint partnership we need some commitment. Should you get a VMware offering to become a Premiere / Pinnacle provider yourself, you can clearly step out of this LOI, same if the conditions change dramatically. 

This LOI should also give you ease of transaction as you have something to depend on and if all works as currently agreed/planned we just exchange the LOI with the final contract for sublicense consumption. 

The LOI is required to allow us to support you, give you access to license optimization workshops, work with you on usage meter deployment plans and other onboarding tasks required. As currently all needs to be completed by 1-April 2024


Once the LOI or final contract is in place we will start with the onboarding. At this stage you will get in contact with different resources from our teams, as we need to set you up as a customer, support partner, consumption partner etc. 

We will streamline this process as good as possible and try to prepare as much as possible as early as possible to reduce friction and ensure a in time switch-over.

Please be prepared that this is not only a technical but also a legal and financial setup which needs to be executed at a very high pace to stay on track. 

Core optimization workshop

Attend one of multiple of our core optimization workshops, or watch the recordings, to learn how you can reduce your final core count, what you can do to optimize your infrastructure and where it makes sense to maybe start with overage cores for replacement. 

Commit of consumption

We expect that somewhere in March we need to collect the final commit for 1st of April 2024, we are unsure when this needs to be done, but we will get in contact with each one of you to validate the final commit discussed in LOI/Contract before we report this, as we can always raise, but not lower the commit core count later.

Usage meter

According to the latest Broadcom documentation comdivision needs to operate the Usage Meter instance in your datacenter including system updates and setup of customer reporting structure. We will agree during the onboarding about the final setup and provide you with account setup instructions to utilize the least permission requirement. We will also establish a clear communication path for usage meter issues.

CSP-Whitelabel-Video request